The Vaccine Problem

By Brad Flutey, Northland Candidate for Social Credit.

I’m not anti-vaccines, I was quite the contrary a few years ago, then I had kids and was encouraged to research what constitutes wise health choices. You can shit all over your own health, but you have to be a little more responsible when it comes to kids. If it weren’t for all this talk of forcing vaccines on people because Bill Gates wants to make twenty dollars to the dollar, off a vaccine that is allegedly 95% effective, for a virus with a survivability rate of roughly 99.8%, I wouldn’t even be writing this article. The fact is, I do not care if you want to vaccinate your children or pump that stuff into your own body, just don’t make up ad-hoc narratives that make you feel justified in forcing your potential poor choices on me and mine. I advocate for each to their own, that’s why I can be friends with both pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers, it’s also less of a mountain to scale when it comes to influencing opinions. Can you imagine trying to convince pro-vaxxers to become anti-vaxxers and vice versa? Hell no, that sounds ridiculous, that’s why I don’t do it. However, people should be influencing people to oppose mandatory vaccinations; after all, this isn’t Communist China yet.

Surely we haven’t gotten to the point where science doesn’t matter anymore, and we should just listen to those made popular by the media?

The need for vaccines is based on the premise that if you get injected with a small portion of the virus and a cocktail of other nasty toxins, you will be immune to said virus without getting sick or increasing the chances of spreading it. Simple right? Of course, it’s simple; if it were complicated, you’d ignore it, and likely carry on living your life less fearful. You might pursue good health through common-sense, like eating a healthy diet, regularly washing, exercising, and not living in a hovel. The reality is, as is the case with most lab-created toxin concoctions, it’s a little more complicated than that. After all, it wouldn’t be science if it were simple; it would be propaganda! Because understanding complex matters are rarely boiled down to a poorly considered statement. Like, say Chris Hipkin’s stupid line — “Anti-vaxxers are pro-plague.” This is our retarded and “unbiased” Health Minister.

I partially believe in the basic premise of vaccines, yet, like Optimus Prime says — there’s more to this than meets the eye. After reading through many scholarly articles and listening to many medical perspectives from both sides of the argument, I’ve come to a perspective that does my research justice.

If you’re healthy , you could probably go without; if you’re not, then I hope a cowboy doesn’t make the vaccine you’re considering.

You don’t have to agree with this, as I said — I don’t care what you consider as the right health choice, I just don’t want you to force your potential poor choices on me. I’m pretty sure you feel the same way, that’s why we both live in a free society, and not China. Yet, you might have some beliefs that infer that my naturally inclined health choice is detrimental to you or the immune-compromised. You might think that not vaccinating makes it more likely that I’ll catch a deadly virus and then pass it onto someone who cant handle said virus. If you’re the type of person who believes in banging on about a long list of hypotheticals so you can feel virtuous about your needle addiction, give yourself an uppercut, that’s stupid! There is no evidence that evenly remotely suggests that not vaccinating is detrimental to the health of others, why? Because you couldn’t possibly do a controlled study that factors in all the environmental factors that correlate towards the presence of certain viruses, the likelihood that you would catch said viruses, and then pass them onto the small minority of people who might die from said viruses. See? Too many hypotheticals. That’s why they’ve only done truncated studies with vague conclusions that ignore the vast amount of contributing factors to virus spread. That’s not science, that’s simplistic ad-hoc conclusions to pander to populist intellect.

Maybe you think that not vaccinating children from treatable diseases is child abuse? If that’s what you think, why do you think injecting healthy children with toxins to protect them from maybe getting hypothetical viruses isn’t? There are ways of dealing with things when you cross that bridge; if you live in a first world country, you’re in luck, the 21st century has yielded more knowledge around the promotion of health and the immune system. We do it through the innovative use of vitamins, treatment, and most importantly, a holistic health consideration. There is no one way to promote good health and no one responsible approach to dealing with disease. Although, there are those out there who would like a monopoly on health because their profit margins depend on it. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, you can’t deny that more healthy people are bad for the health business’s growth, and a business operating with foresight would be stupid to ignore that.

Our government is making it so you cant sue cowboy vaccine manufacturers, by granting them indemnity.

A cowboy is a tradie term; we use it to describe people who take shortcuts and generally do a rough job whilst charging you too much. Having cowboys in the building sector is detrimental to your house, and having them in the medical profession is detrimental to your health. Imagine if you couldn’t sue the dickhead who built your leaky house. Now imagine if you couldn’t sue a vaccine manufacturer for injuring or killing your kid! Don’t imagine, that’s a reality now. It should go without saying, that having a cowboy in the computer software business who then switches to the medical business is something to raise an eyebrow at. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, Bill Gates is a flaccid walking penis of a man, I do not think he is a genius, and neither should you. Bill Gates is a connected opportunist just as Jeffrey Epstein was for Les Wexler.

Bill made billions by exploiting the brilliance of computer hippies, and now he’s using those billions to make more billions off the back of Africa’s degradation. Bill is attempting to shape the world the way President Business looked to shape Lego world in the Lego movie. Africa is a useful place for a western society addicted to consumerism; we can keep them in poverty while pillaging all their resources through cheap labour, and vaccine investors can profit off the poor health perpetuated by said poverty and desolation. We the consumer also doesn’t have to pay union labour prices for all our cool shit, we can just pretend like we don’t know how cobalt is obtained for all our “green” batteries. Psst, African child labour…

As the African continent starts to rise out from under the thumb of corporatists, and their society starts to clean up all the shit imperialists brought with them, the continent will start getting healthier and more resilient. Then Bill Gates and his mates in the pharmaceutical industry will have to find new ways to keep their profits up, enter climate alarmism and pretend worldwide pandemics involving seasonal viruses we never cared about before.

Usually, I turn the cheek on calls to vaccinate for measles or whooping cough; people can make their own decisions on the severity of these diseases and its alternative treatment angles. I was interested in the data collected from the last measles “outbreak” here in Aotearoa/New Zealand. It was considerable evidence to suggest that vaccination rates of an area have nothing to do with the abundance of cases. It instead showed that poverty, living conditions, affordability of healthy food, stress, and various other environmental factors had more to do with illness prevalence than vaccination rates. That’s why South Auckland, not Northland, was the worst affected by measles, the place that cant house poor people because successive governments perpetuate unaffordable housing for their own gain. Who would have known that health was best addressed holistically rather than thinking it comes as a silver bullet in a syringe?

Now that vaccinations have found their way into weak seasonal viruses that circulate in various variants that mutate quickly, I have to make a stand –there’s no way any self-respecting and intelligent person should get this COVID vaccine. Forget the fact that many people have already died shortly after getting this vaccine, including 23 in Norway. Forget the fact that it was rushed through after a fear campaign to convince the world that almost everybody who died this year, died of COVID. Forget the fact that you can’t sue for damages because enough stupid people were convinced this was a pandemic and not a seasonal flu-like virus. You shouldn’t get it because you don’t need it, you’ve likely survived coronaviruses your whole life. You’ve likely survived the last one without knowing it, we just didn’t have a name for it, or an uncomfortable and unreliable test to confirm it beforehand. Even with the highly flawed PCR test we have now, we’ve likely only tested less than 33% of the country over a year! Meaning most of the 1,493,495 tests are likely neurotics who have been several times, which drops the percentage of those who have got tested to lower than 25%.

This means that if you’re a neurotic COVID scanner or someone who gets tested regularly, you’re not part of the popular herd, you’re a minority…

Don’t justify the propaganda campaign for investor profit paid for by our governments with our tax dollars, stick it to these retards by leaving those vials and swabs on the shelves. Then blame them for the economic downfall we’re suffering because those idiots used our taxes to benefit pharmaceutical investors. If all those reasons don’t sway you, do it, so you aren’t classified as one of the dumb arses.

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