The vortex theory and other inconvenient truths

Back to warming causes cooling, the vortex theory that was originally used to prove cooling is taking us to an ice age has flipped arse over face to say warming is now responsible for cooling.

Read on for more info on vortex theory but a quick fun fact for you. “A 2014 National Health Statistics reports found, “During 2006–2010, about 2,000 U.S. residents died each year from weather-related deaths; 63% were attributed to exposure to natural cold.

Yep 63% of climate related deaths are due to it being too cold. A bit like Texas right now that has no fossil fuels to save millions of people from freezing in their dark homes.

But back to the vortex theory…

Apparently there is no scientific consensus for this one but hey we have been arguing that scientific consensus doesn’t in itself make a theory correct, so we won’t harp on about the lack of scientific support for the vortex theory.

What is the vortex theory?

“The vortex was heavily studied in the 1990s due to concerns about ozone holes. Although typically ignored by the media, increasing CO2 both warms the lower atmosphere (troposphere) and cools the stratosphere. Climate models all predicted the vortex would strengthen because greenhouse gases would enhance stratospheric cooling by 5–7°C during December and January by 2019. Because ozone depletion requires extreme cold, it was feared increasing CO2 would enhance the ozone holes. Furthermore, climate scientists argued a warming troposphere and a cooling stratosphere was the undeniable “human fingerprint” of CO2 caused climate change. But their science was woefully incomplete. Stratospheric warming increased and the vortex weakened despite CO2‑caused cooling.”

Some climate scientists argue CO2 induced “Arctic Amplification” causing warmer polar temperatures which increased the jet stream’s waviness. However, there is no consensus for their hypothesis, and some argue there is little evidence at all for that effect. Nonetheless there is an excellent, albeit ignored explanation for the warming Arctic/cooling mid‑latitudes paradox. The natural quasi‑permanent Aleutian Low nearly explains it all.

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Cold Snaps Expose Climate Science Fragility

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