The Wagons Are Circling!

Is Grant preparing for the top job? Last night on ZB, Heather dPA said the reason Jacinda has bailed on the traditional weekly morning show PM chat, and also RNZs morning report comes down to one thing. Her own anxiety. Heather said it’s a well known secret around the Beehive that the PM isn’t handling the pressure, and her anxiety is now so extreme it has caused her to turn her back on media. Kiri Allan in her role as Minister for Emergency Management fronted the media on Friday after the quakes and tsunami warning. Compared to Jacinda, she was a breath of fresh air. Didn’t try hold the floor, didn’t talk down to anyone, let the media ask their questions, when she didn’t know an answer, she admitted it and let someone else take the question. Having gotten used to Jacinda try to act as supreme leader and know it all, the contrast to Kiri and her freshness and energy was striking. In light of Jacinda not handling the pressure, will she resign? By Christmas this year, will we have a new Prime Minister? I believe she’s working out her exit strategy. Bail before the Halo slips. And as it’s starting to slip, I suspect she may do what David Lange and Sir John Key did, hand the baton to the 2iC. Anyone wanna take a bet with me?

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