The Wanaka Couple

So the pink haired lady that likes to make YouTube videos of what we can and cant do, breaks all her own protocols that she instructed us to do, and its misinformation.

A healthy young couple sneak out of Auckland and they get the wrath of a nation, with social media bullying and the mayor of Queenstown demanding prosecution.

Is this what we have become?

We cannot make decisions for ourselves and if we dare to, we become the banished?

If you are perfectly healthy and showing no signs of infection, are we not able to decide for ourselves what we can do?

Yes I get it, we are in lockdown, does that mean that lockdown is right?

No it doesnt. Obviously Siouxsie Wiles is loose and easy with the rules so why wouldn’t you plan an escape.

Who didn’t think to themselves, “lets go to the beach” after watching the pink Scientist last week?

We are locked up for the crime of living in a city where the Government is trying to hold back the tide, whilst at the same time letting the water in.

Let those, who obeyed every last one of the tyrannical rules, cast the first stone. The couple did what everyone else has been thinking or wishing they could these past few weeks

That is why Sweden had the best approach, they trusted their citizens to make decisions for themselves. If you are sick don’t go out.

Yes Sweden had casualties, its in Europe which was infected before they knew about it. This doesn’t change the value of their approach given neighbouring countries with lock downs faired equally as bad if not worse.

Our Government has taken the fact we had warning about the virus and managed to now turn this into a handicap.

We were told we didn’t have the virus so we don’t need to rush the vaccine roll out. Yeah that didn’t cost the economy much did it?

If anyone should be having social media stones tossed at them it is the tossers Chris Hipkins and Ardern.

There is no reason, apart from ineptitude by the government, that has caused this lengthy lock down and turning neighbours on one other.

I wonder how proud the person who dobbed this couple in is feeling right now.

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