The WEF want to bring back the Middle Ages.


“the WEF are actually trying to recreate the social arrangements of the Middle Ages, with CEOs as feudal lords and employees as a serf class with no upward mobility whatsoever…Globalism is an excuse for the worst people on this planet to plunder our formerly free societies and line their own pockets.

They whine about populists simply because we refuse to let go of the last scraps of our dignity, our property, and our basic human rights that these thieves are callously ripping away from us. The sycophantic professional-managerial clerisy who serve as the Elites’ footsoldiers…These so-called Elites are more delusional than dope fiends even when they’re completely sober. They’re more out-of-touch with society than a man stranded on a desert island.”

Article linked below

Bonus video to show just how much yesterdays conspiracy theories are todays conspiracy facts.

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