The year 1903 versus now…

Whilst reading old newspaper articles shared on on the changing climate, back when CO2 wasn’t evil, I found the article below quite humorous.

Once you go past the article on the the declining glacier which had receded by several miles from 1850 to 1903. Sound familiar?

It was interesting seeing the news of New Zealand back in 1903.

Looks like it’s more than climate that is cyclical.

Today’s news is the Franz Joseph has lost 1 km in 10 years.

Back in 1903 we were estimated to have just shy of 300ppm C02

But back to glaciers in Greenland which are the picture child of man made climate change.

Here is 1939 when C02 was estimated to be just over 300ppm

2015 also had a similar call for concerning glacier decline

So what’s happening now? With that evil CO2 at over 410 ppm?

Oh no it’s getting bigger and this is a problem.

Based on the events of 1903, 1939 and 2015 I’m sure the article is correct that it isn’t over for the melting.

Starting to see the picture yet?

The largest glacier in Greenland has been growing since 2012. Which is odd in a global warming climate emergency.

But it’s not the first time there has been a concerning movement of glaciers mass.

Here are some more historical news items.

See if you can see a strange reality with the cooler temperatures before global warming and what the glaciers are up to in the graph below.

Makes you wonder how good those temperature records are.

Check out the full article on the propaganda used on the Greenland glaciers over the years

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