There is more than a correlation supporting increasing CO2 generates more propaganda.

The best description I have heard the encapsulates the true reality of the climate change crises to date is the following quote. “The less the climate changes, the more we are told it is”


Since satellites were launched in the late 1970’s to measure the global temperature anomaly. We have increased in temperature at an average rate of 0.1 degree Celsius per decade. 0.01 degree per year is the rate of warming we have experienced in a little over 40 years of having true global measuring system.

We also know that in areas that have reliable ground based thermometer measurements that the 30’s were warmer than the temperatures today. Unadjusted data and the global news reports of the day show that from the 30’s till the 70’s the earth was cooling. An inconvenient truth that has been slowly erased from our history books.

Fact 2.

There is no accelerated sea rise. Even though we have multiple tide gauges globally that publish their data. The facts here are lost on the media and organisations desperate for funds to continue to scare us.

Scientists live by their models and even revert to model data rather than observed data. The illustration below is very telling

The black line is observed sea temperature. All the other lines are models.

Each of these lines took $millions to generate and it’s hard to see how they would continue to get funding if the predictions were all saying nothing to see here.

It is like having a hypochondriac go to the Dr every and being told you might be getting sick. The Dr has a patient for life.

It is the same for the climate alarmism, we are being fed info from modellers who are constantly telling us that the world needs to be healed. In the real world the climate is going through a remarkably stable period. But it needs to be fixed because tomorrow the ice caps will melt and we will all become climate refugees.

Fact 3.

There is no evidence that global warming has or will increase hurricane intensity. Just like temperature the birth of satellites has made global measuring of storm intensity an exact science. Prior to this it is observational and the further you go back the less observed storms is based simply on the ability to observe them rather than there are more now. In fact the trend is showing a decrease. But you will never hear that on the news.

Fact 4.

There is not more forest fires than ever before. This is just absolute rubbish. Burn ache rage is down enormously from all measured data but it has had a slight increase from the heights it was pre 60’s

If you want to watch one of my favourite commentators give a very good analysis of all the lunacy, then give this 20 odd minute video a watch.

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