There is no such thing as failure…

NZ’s greatest year of achievement on the International Hypocrisy Scale (IHS – also denotes International Handicapped Society – you chose)

In what has been a  particularly negative year I suggest it is time to look at NZ’s successes.

  1. The Successful inception of a two race health system akin to apartheid
  2. Moving away from the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights with the inception of mandated vaccines and entitlements linked to these (pass please)  
  3. The successful purchase of record amounts of dirty Indonesian coal to run the cuntree and the electric cars we already don’t have enough electricity to run
  4. The reintroduction of mortgage interest rate increases
  5. The re-emergence of Inflation over the 2% threshold 
  6. Confirmed evidence of government corruption in the mis-management of the MIQ system (this very systems continued existence against all odds (and logic))
  7. Absolute evidence of personal favouritism by the prime minister in allowing, sport teams, entertainers, and themselves, to be classified as essential workers and by-pass MIQ
  8. Free trade agreements to produce massive amounts of apparently troublesome methane producing dairy to add then tens of thousands of carbon miles onto it to sell it to Europe  

And of course the two greatest successes 

9                     Billions of dollars spent in letting in Delta

10                 Billions of dollars spent in letting in Omicron                

And they used to criticise the McGillicuddy Serious Party for it’s great leap backwards manifesto and yet we have done more to achieve it in 2021 than for many years  

Yay – You Go NZ

Stay sane fella’s and fellesses (Oh OK and even the freaky)

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