They don’t build Space Satellites like they used to

And they don’t do science the way they used to either

16 years after space satellites (as apposed to other satellites?) the very first IPCC report came out in 1990. This was a comprehensive document that set out to warn us that we were warming the planet, and that this would cause accelerated sea level rise.

It also contained this graph below.

It shows a warmer period called the medieval warm period that ended about 600 years ago.

Our history books back up this evidence with stories such as of people growing wine grapes in the U.K. during this time. Retreating glaciers revealing Viking artifices that date to this period are also compelling evidence of these warmer times.

We then have the mini ice age in more recent times, which again has been backed up by historical evidence of colder times being present . The Thames River regularly freezing in winter and people ice skating on the river during those years, that ended about 200 years ago. An phenomenon that no longer occurs, apart from once in the 1960’s.

Unwittingly however, the authors of the inaugural global warming report had published something that, in one simple diagram, nuked the premise that climate change is caused from post industrial revolution anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

Neither the Vikings, grape growers nor ice skaters were increasing or decreasing CO2 with their Utes. Thus, natural variation could be the only answer to these climate change events.

The Authors were oblivious to this smoking gun and continued with the warnings.

Sea level rise due to anthropogenic climate change

3 estimates of sea level rise were given showing the “best estimate” if we did nothing to change our ways, would lead to 200 mm of sea level rise by 2030.

At a very static circa 3 mm rise per year, the good news is the “low estimate” is much closer to the truth.

Sea level gauges have been in use for many years. Below is a tide gauge from New York that dates back to before 1860.

Not much of an acceleration there.

So the predictions and warnings in this very comprehensive publication both had some sketchy predictions, as well as it’s own piece of inconvenient truth – being the 1000 year temperature record.

The changing past

The IPCC found a saviour though by the name of Michael E. Mann who is now part of the Biden administration’s climate change experts.

Back in the 90’s he produced some new history by studying tree rings and voilà, he had fixed the inconvenient truth

Now that’s a graph you can get afraid about. Nothing funny going on there. The temperature was slowly cooling for centuries until bam! Anthropogenic warming.

Ironically Dr Mann also worked at the same university mentioned in the article above on “space satellites” being the university of East Anglia.

The “climategate” controversy from the same said university around the time of producing this graph is a fascinating story, and while an investigation into this found “nothing wrong,” well the actions and emails uncovered, paint a pretty clear picture of what these IPCC scientists were up to. one of the famous lines from uncovered emails is “hide the decline”

If you want to get more info in this infamous time of climate scientists working on dubious data sets, check out the link below.

So we can see that the IPCC scientists and contributors have a tendency to be more about creating a theory and setting about proving it rather than using the true scientific method.

Not all contributors to IPCC reports are climate alarmists, but the culture has become one of “stick with the narrative or piss off,” as Dr Judith Curry found out when she questioned the science.

Below is her testimony in Congress about climate change and the attack in her when she challenged the narrative.

Sums it all up quite nicely really.

Here is a GOP congressmen asking a question to Democrat expert witness Michael E Mann from a month ago. Pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Once again we find ourselves dealing with nafarious actors playing a part in controlling our understanding of what is going on.

Here is Mann fibbing 5 years ago in congress

The challenge is you have dishonest ideological people controlling the narrative.

The potential problems of climate change are exaggerated, the benefits of increased C02 suppressed and those that dare challenge the propaganda are silenced or ridiculed.

But I’m a climate denier so what would I know.

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