They don’t care how hypocritical they are

James Shaw and Siouxsie Wiles are in the news this week for their hypocrisy.

Funny how much of it isn’t in the main stream media though.

And as If you needed any conformation that our media is complicit, but Siouxsie Wiles blatantly breaking her own advice was deemed not news worthy by TV1 news.

State owned TV didn’t think it was in the public interest that our pink haired celebrity scientists not only traveled on a 10km round trip, didn’t social distance or wear a mask. But was also dipping her feet in the water while her “bubble buddy” went for a dip.

All breaches of the rules that she advices the public on.

But not to be out done by the fluorescent microbiologist. James Shaw who’s party refused to go to parliament to do their job citing it was a health risk. Thinks it is okay to jump on a plane to fly around the world to go to a Covid hot spot in the name of climate change.

The hypocrisy is coated with more hypocrisy. The carbon foot print, the MIQ space, the fact it’s in Glasgow which currently has a 7 day running average of 6,000 new cases of Covid per day.

Flying half way around the world to go to a climate change conference is hypocritical enough but throw in the COVID hot spot and you can only compare it to fucking for virginity and choosing a $10 brothel to do it in.

Of course the pair of them are justifying their actions and are as unapologetic as all those who believe in the mantra, “rules for thee but not for me.“

And meanwhile I get a ban on Facebook after being accused of being unable to attract women and being jealous of a sexually active man. By a Labour loving ex treasury worker none the less, I accuse him of being a strange little carrot, being a liberal with Toxic Masculinity. and I get a 3 day ban!

Where is the justice Zuck.?

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