They save us from the environment, again

Biden returns to save the climate, again, after he and Bat Obama Man saved it before.

With his amazing climate policies Biden produces more green house gas than the average politician.

That’s some hot air up there. Or is it?

Fortunately with such high CO2 the earth cooled from the high point of after the last time they saved the planet. Trump came to office, just after Bat Obama Man and Boy Biden saved the planet and it was all down hill from there. Well almost.

Global temperature January 2016 to January 2022

Then Orange Man Bad ruined it all, it was up to Bat Biden to save the day, again.

Armed with verbal diarrhoea, mostly born from a misread teleprompter, and the cohesion of an expired can of vegetable soup. Bat Biden single handedly saved us from the climate again.

Even CO2 increasing at an accelerated rate is no match for Biden

Some hero’s don’t wear masks

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