Things are looking up!

Daily I am stunned by the rate of adoption into this space, Crypto. The 21st century revolution is taking hold & has established a Beach Head! Just take a look at some of the latest announcements!

  1. Bank of America (USA’s 2nd largest) approves Bitcoin futures trading
  2. Paypal up limits on BTC purchases to $100,000 per week
  3. The digital Yuan (China’s new digital currency) now has more than 20 million wallets, & confirms Smart Contracts are a design feature.
  4. A new game pays more to play it than the minimum wage in some countries! Literally a game changer!
  5. A Swiss Bank is to issue an original Picasso work as an NFT (Non Fungible Token), the investment will be divided into 4000 NFT Shares.

Funny that this is on the back of an article on RNZ here in New Zealand today that Poo Poo’d the entire Crypto market based on what? You guessed it, the environment lol. This is just another example of how out of out of touch our government is! It takes but 30 fucking seconds of searching the internet to know the current banking system dwarfs Crypto in terms of energy consumption, so to suggest it’s an issue is disingenuous at best & corrupt as fuck at worst! You decide!

Oh & BTW…XRP/Ripple have been successful in court yet again as they the path way to depose former SEC director William Henman which is a game changer. They have fought hard to prevent this! Why?

Interesting to note Donald Trump recently made disparaging remarks about Bitcoin, purely because it is a threat/competitor to the USD but recently spoke very highly of XRP saying it is the future of banking!

If all of this is new to you, it is to most, that means you are hearing about this early! You’re about to witness a digital revolution!

Question is, will you let the opportunity pass you by?

Disclaimer: Planet B Media is up to it’s eye balls in Crypto & we are not Financial Advisors!

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