Things that just can’t be explained if it really was safe and effective

It’s just getting to the point in that movie The Truman show where you realise you are living a big lie. But still no one wants to get in that little boat and sail to the edge of the studio to end the show.

Analysis of the vaccine shows that it has been the deadliest vaccine ever and nothing points to the intervention having a net benefit. Yet no one wants to admit it.

The below reporting takes some of the data points to show the fraud, the willful ignorance and the total lack of desire to stop this damage.

Another must read if you care about stopping the pure evil that is our current global leadership.

From fraudulent trails, complicit watch dogs and politicians. Profit over substance and a fear and deception game played by the media and other actors. We have been duped.

Time to admit it so that it doesn’t happen again.

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