Things the Media here won’t talk about.

The Netherlands is a small European country about 5 times smaller than New Zealand.

Despite its size it is a major farming nation.and is currently the second largest exporter of produce in the world.

Recently the Government has started messing with the farmers over Nitrogen production putting in place reduction targets. Too much nitrogen is being produced for the climate change targets apparently..

Seems the farmers have caused a little more of a stir than the Government expected

Thousands of farmers block the motorways and the border with Germany.

The below image speaks words. But we won hear about that here, should we give our farmers more encouragement.

Here’s an idea to get noticed outside parliament.

“Angry Dutch farmers brought their cows to parliament, threatening to slaughter them in protest of the government’s nitrogen reduction targets.”

One has to wonder why the globalists are attacking the food production all around the world?

Couldn’t have anything to do with this guy and his mates can it?

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