This Didn’t Age Well!

Hey at least Ardern is consistent (lee lying)

Apparently what’s happening now isn’t a penalty, at all or close to it!

Who wants to see what Ardern considers “forceful”?

And will that be enough to wake the sleeping masses?

May be an image of one or more people and text that says " 11:52 14:59 Jacinda Ardern on The AM Show. Credits: Video- Conspiracy theorists have claimed a COVID-19 vaccine, when available, will be "forced" on everyone including Kiwis. The Government has rubbished those claims, made most notably by Jami-Lee Ross and Billy Te Kahika's Advance NZ. On Tuesday Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern went a step further, saying not only will there be no forced vaccinations, but those who choose to opt-out won't face any penalties at"
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