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Dear Primeminister

This latest story hits close to home as it involves my 16yr old neice. She like a lot of young people has an eating disorder. In case you didn’t know eating disorders are the fastest growing problem in mental health and the most deadly. More people die as a result of eating disorders than any other form of mental illness.

On 3 June niece was sent to North Shore hospital as she was medically unstable and her organs were shutting down.

The staff were obviously under too much pressure because she was ignored and only had her OBS taken.

She was then placed in the adult gastro ward with a dementia patient who woke her during the night telling her to get out of her house

On Friday because no one was addressing her eating disorder and her heart rate wasn’t stabilising and she hadn’t eaten for 3 days her mum complained so staff suggested Starship

Once they arrived at starship (by ambulance because her heart was so unstable) the eating disorder nurses were amazing and got her straight onto fortisip and admitted her to the ward.

She spent 2 weeks at starship (great nursing care) but the whole time she was there everyone seemed focused solely on forcing her to eat rather than any underlying issues that she was wanting to discuss.

On discharge her mum voiced concern her daughter was ‘losing her shit’ and asked to see someone. When no one came they left.

Driving out the hospital gates my neice swallowed painkillers she had stockpiled from the ward so mum immediately went back to the ward.

There she was told as her name was already ‘off the board’ so they had to go to ED. There she was told she didn’t meet the threshold to be admitted and discharged.

The only advice they received before leaving was to have a risk plan and hide medicine.

My question Primeminister. If this was a member of your family would you find it acceptable?

Sadly this is a common occurrence for dozens of families everyday and like me we are all wondering ‘will my baby still be alive tomorrow?’

Kind regards

PS: Attached is more feedback about our current service

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