This government has GOT to go!

Stole this from Julian Price as it takes a few of the huge amount of stressors farming faces and boils it down to a short succinct paragraph to help understand the protests. PFA.

What is this “Howl of a protest about”?

This isn’t about the ute tax (I’m perfectly happy with my ’94 Hilux thanks, don’t think much of these new American-inspired tanks, but I digress).

This is about the government inspired distrust/dislike of farmers which they started prior to the 2017 election. This is about “significant natural areas” suddenly appearing in the middle of a lucerne paddock.

This is about a gentle swale which has water in it maybe 3 days a year but must now be fenced off (which is going to make heading the wheat bloody awkward).

This is about the “low slope map” which looks like an 8 year old’s school project.

This is about government encouraging overseas buyers to purchase farmland for carbon hoarding forests, then subsidising the planting of same, reducing rural employment, decimating (and I use the term advisedly) rural populations and thus communities.

And mine is not an exhaustive list of their transgressions!

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