This guy is awesome and the Georgia Senate committee agrees

The new hero of the abomination which is the US election, is Inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. He burst into the scene at a congressional hearing and impressed with his quirkiness and vast knowledge of technical attributes of paper fraud. He showed just how the Election fraud can be busted if he is let loose on the info.

Must watch video below

The Georgia Senate Committee have decided to let him examine the ballots. We eagerly anticipate his review.

Here is a quote on how confident he is with his ability to detect fraud. “I can tell you what paper came from china, I can tell you what person who handled it is a smoker.”

Jovan Pulitzer uses Nano technology and has 26 years experience working this stuff out, including detecting counterfeit money. He also invented the technology that allows q-code readers on your smartphone etc. If you have scanned a airline ticket or virtually anything for that matter, then you are using his technology and now he is after the ballots.

Georgia is rapidly becoming the poster child for how bad this election was.

What is it with Fulton County?

On top of the evidence above and the eagerly anticipated audit, and the late night ballot counting at the State Farm Arena, now there is even further evidence of mass impropriety in the state. What was military grade paper shredders under armed guard doing turning up in Georgia’s Fulton county?

More to come on the shredding later today by the looks

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