This is how Dumb either they think we are, or how dumb they really are.

Mike Williams, former Labour Party President, thinks the protest will end because they are not wearing masks and are unvaccinated.

This is probably, regrettably, going to solve itself,” he said.

So does Mr Williams think they are all going to die like a field of rabbits sniffing up the Calicivirus?

Oh how pathetic those comments are and why is News-hub giving this old nuisance the time of day.

His comments a crass ignorant and childish. Oh that’s right he was the president of the Labout party and they are their three key requirements.

Once again the mantra that the protests are sending mixed messages and they have “violent messages”

Oh how Ardern does not see the irony of saying the protestors are crossing the line preventing people going around their every day business. The irony being the protestors have lost their jobs and can’t go anywhere due to the mandates they want gone.

Maybe you can say two wrongs don’t make a right. But you can also say what’s good for the goose. Or was it a mallard?

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