This is not financial advice

Guest post from Schmee and yes it is financial advice

Today, all of those who didn’t get the joke and took the (experimental) vaccine (Pfizers website has not changed – it is still experimental) will be granted the first round of freedoms.  It will be interesting if the gummint immediately make good on their promise and start discriminating against the GEWS

(those Generally Endangering Wellness).  Rather than do what just about every  government has done and provide alternative vaccine options they have simply bullied this one through.  Be interesting to know who is getting the industry standard kick-back. 

Oooh as an aside if you did take it, check if your life insurance policy is still valid as most policies have an out clause around experimental medical procedures which voids the policy.

So while you are enjoying your Chai Latte as you paw over the latest retail wares at your local everyday Westfield/Kiwi Property super-spreader event, spare a thought for the GEWs, especially those that would happily take an alternate (preferably more traditional) vaccine option who are about to lose their job on the 15th

Remember be Nioce (and do as your told)

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