This is one for the Woketards (new word for the Aoteroan Dictionary) – to hopefully de-woke them (another new word for the Aoteroan Dictionary)


In the past we have accused JA and Labour of not so much lie-ing but of selective ‘truthing’ (yet another new word for the Aoteroan Dictionary)

Remember these?  (and please please do ladies when you cast your next vote)

We will build 30,000 new houses

We will build 8,000 new houses

We will build 5,000 new houses

We have paid a premium to be at the front of the queue for vaccines

We have purchased 3.6 million Johnson and Johnson vaccines in addition to the 5.2 Pfizer million vaccines

It’s not the Government’s place to get involved in Ihumatao

I did not divert 100M from the Kiwisaver First Home Buyers fund to repurchase Ihumatao

We have not diverted funds to the ‘Lunch in Schools’ programme

My two particular favourites

We are only going into lockdown to flatten the Curve

There was nothing we could do to deport him and imprison him

It was once said of Roosevelt…”why tell the truth when a lie will suffice”

Adding the Reichstag moment of using Delta to suspend democracy and parliament, in addition to our well documented list of how her behaviour is akin to the Nazis, we ask the question…Is she more like Hitler or Roosevelt?

Or a pernicious self-interested blend of both?

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