This is what is coming to NZ

Effectively mandatory vaccination! The only way we will have over 90% vaccinated in this country is via coercive force. Our government says ALL New Zealanders will be vaccinated by the end of the year with the exception of a few they will “come looking for”.

It will take the same tyranny as now in France, where people can no longer go to cafes, malls, gyms etc without a vaccine pass. This is effectively saying you can’t live a functional life unless you comply- a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code and effectively forced medication of millions of people. Funny how this is happening in tres liberal France, Canada, NZ and other weakling lefty countries where liberalism only applies to sexual matters whilst authoritarianism rules over speech, medical and fiscal matters.The tolerance preachers are creating a great divide between people who truly understand bodily autonomy and property rights, vs those who think the government is the very fount of wisdom and life on Earth.

This is causing a schism which will lead to war- so much for “inclusivity”. The modern left are everything they accuse others of being- intolerant, authoritarian, tyrannical and bigoted towards those with differing views and lifestyles. They are the modern fascists- literally merging the state and corporations in pursuit of their political goals. Everyone always has a choice however, even with a gun to your head compliance isn’t the only option!

By Will Ryan

France reports rush for vaccines after Macron tightens Covid rules

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