This is why we can’t have nice things!

As a Rotorua rates payer myself this makes my blood boil! The fact this public art display cost over $1,000,000 of rates payers hard earned dollars is one thing, it’s quite another to learn it’s potentially defective! This is a bloody outrage from start to end! Such large amounts of public money seemingly wasted only to learn it’s just the beginning! The parliament slide blow out was JUST $572,000! This is looking like double that! When are the good people of New Zealand going to demand a better standard!


When contractors tried to install the monument last September, the pieces literally didn’t fit together. Contractors had to cut out pieces so the inner parts could fit. That cutting revealed the tubing structure has not been built to specifications, with an engineering report saying engineers ‘cannot prove whether the defects observed are isolated or systematic throughout the inner and/or outer [monument] tubes’.

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