This Just In From A Personal Friend Of Mine

Went to a friend’s business to get some stuff. (for privacy reasons I won’t say what I got, or you could guess the business and the owner). We talked about the vaxx, which he said that he’s not allowed to get his 2nd. I asked why is that? He said a week after his 1st jab, he had difficulty breathing and it was a heart issue.

He’s now the 3rd person I know personally (not friend’s friend) that has had major heart issues after the 1st jab. 2 men and 1 woman. He eventually had two nerves supporting one of his arteries replaced by one of the only two top heart surgeons in New Zealand. He said the surgeon told him that usually the surgeon performs about 18 such surgeries a year. Last year he performed 300+The surgeon said the cause was the spike protein that killed the nerves.

If you have or gotten the jabs to keep your job/career, my condolences, I had to do the same. If you can’t wait to rush you and/or your kids to get the booster/1st kids jab. I thank you for your sacrifice, for the rest of us. Unfortunately it is going to take more vaxx injuries and deaths for people to wake up.

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