This land was never “Aotearoa”

The paid mercenary media info terrorists have their instructions from The Termite Mound to push that word in the hope that it will culturally become ingrained as our country’s name. Then they’ll “suggest” a referendum and drop in a flag change, bear in mind that even if 85% say NO they’ll still push it through just like they did with the anti smacking legislation. Ms Jacinda Crisci a.k.a Ardern the socialist youth leader, the “single source of lies” will insure that it will be her masonic illuminati version. While on that there will be a push to remove our National Anthem, that Godly prayer over our lands.

Y’all going to be happy with that?

Now carefully consider why… Look at all of our bank notes. They’re all named, except that old woman on the 20 dollar bill. Not even her official title EiiR (Elizabeth the Second Reigns). Because, she doesn’t. We have no Crown, no Crown enterprises, all were dismantled when the Verona Treaty expired in 1986 Everything was corporatised, like The Police Corporation January 1987 Their push to rename New Zealand has a vile agenda, it’s to set up the UN as the ruling Sovereign of “Aotearoa”. Please don’t be sucked into their agenda by fueling the catalyst of their cultural crap, the push for “Aotearoa”.

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