This Weeks COVID Data the MSM Avoids

Kids and the vaccine have always been a contentious issue. As an adult if you want to participate in the oddly designed Vaccine trial, then good for you.

Making your kids part of the trial given the little testing that has been done, is down right scandalous in my humble opinion.

The reason is easy. Healthy Children have more chance of being struck by lightning in a bath than having any trouble from the virus. The chance of harm from the vaccine is far greater. It may still be slim, but increasing risk of vaccine harm for something that has no statistical reality of being harmful in itself still seems like bad odds to me.

A one in several thousand chance versus one in tens of millions is an easy bet to make when you are playing with long term harm or death but let’s look at todays first story on the vaccine and children.

Here is some highlights from the efficacy in our younger folk.

  • Pfizer admitted that its COVID-19 vaccine is ineffective in preventing hospitalisation due to Omicron variant “In one observational study among adolescents 12 to 18 years of age (median interval since vaccination, 162 days) during the Omicron-predominant period, primary series vaccine effectiveness was 40% (95% CI, 9 to 60) against hospitalisation for COVID-19.”
  • The highest reports of myocarditis and pericarditis after vaccination “have been in males 12 through 17.” There is no information about the long-term “outcomes in affected individuals.”
  • For ages 2-4, the number of severe COVID-19 cases in the vaccinated group exceeded those in the placebo group: “Seven cases in participants 2-4 years of age met the criteria for severe COVID-19: 6 in the BNT162b2 group, of which 2 cases occurred post unblinding, and 1 in the placebo group.”
  • And here’s the worst of it. The vaccine efficacy is terrible, with the “vaccinated” group having in some cases more COVID-19 cases when compared to the placebo group. For some groups, the placebo outperformed the vaccine.

another underwhelming study which is then manipulated to enable the FDA to authorise it for emergency use. Even though there is no emergency for children. This is about to be challenged in court.

Next we have my favourite subject which is Masks.

We have known for many decades that masks are useless against respiratory viruses however, as we know in the modern era. “The Science Has Changed!”

Here is an article on why people don’t trust the CDC anymore after they recommend vaccinating tens of millions of kids on zero data.

The warning that would gave been given to all is, unless it is a very high risk that you will develop a long term health condition or die from COVID-19, we recommend you do not take the vaccine. But that wouldn’t have made the Billions of dollars profit for the pharmaceutical companies shareholders.


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