This Weeks Quiz

Question 1

JA (BTC) has expressed concern that countries are hoarding vaccines even though we paid a premium to be first or near first in the queue. The CEO of one of the manufactures observed…

  • Everyone paid a premium ‘Deary’,  you just did not pay a high enough premium
  • Everyone paid a premium ‘Deary’,  you just did not pay a high enough premium AND you paid it in NZD
  • We only deal with countries, not cities, what? It is a country. (ooops)
  • But you tell everyone you have no Covid, so what do you need a vaccine for?

Question 2

When other world leaders were asked if they were hoarding vaccines they replied….

Match the statement to the country; from… Croatia, China, Sweden, Australia

  • Wǒmen shénme shíhòu kěyǐ lái ná yú zuòwéi wǒmen de dàikuǎn huán kuǎn.  (When can we come and get our fish as repayment for the loan?)


  • nemaju covid, za što im treba cjepivo? (NZ have no Covid, what do they need a vaccine for?)


  • 2% dödlighet, öppna dina gränser och fortsätt med det.  (2% mortality rate, open your borders and get on with it)


  • What on earth is she whining about now?


Question 3

Recent blood test results for my 55 year old friends’ urine only test showed

  • He was pregnant
  • He had high blood sugar, a low blood count, and had herpes
  • He…“Would never race at Ellerslie ever again”
  • Disqualified him from the Olympics on Gender/x-gender grounds
  • Can you pee in the cup again one of our staff drank it by mistake

Question 4

As a returning NZ resident looking for a MIQ voucher the best way to achieve this is to…

  • Follow the correct protocols
  • Make a donation to the Labour party
  • Be in, or say you are in, an international sporting team

Question 5

JA (BTC) did yet another about turn on her opinion on property prices.  This is because…

  • The sale of one of her Auckland properties fell through and she needs the market to stay buoyant.
  • She said it to make herself popular with someone even though she has no idea if it’s a good for NZ or not.
  • I never said what I was reported to have said the last time, or the time before that (and or even this time Mike)
  • What was the question? I’ll get a committee to look at that and report back, and if it’s right I’ll take credit and if it’s wrong, I will  condescendingly blame someone else (like the last government – again and again and again – Bah bah bah)

Question 6 

In a recent statistical review of facts presented to Coroners inquests, match the likely cause of death to the facts given

  • Found face down in bath with blood alcohol level of 3M
  • 73 year old male found naked with a hard on, and his wallet $350 lighter
  • Oxygen dependent 106 year old women with empty O2 cylinder beside her and an unpaid power bill
  • Teenager who hit police road spikes and launched 4 miles in the air and died on impact
  • 75 year old who had lung cancer, had a heart bypass, and smoked 3 packs a day  

Choose from

Covid     Covid     Covid     Covid     Covid

No change to the status of our Decision Free Government this week (they have all been on holiday (twice) even though 95% of them don’t live in Auckland)

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