This will need a good salesman

Climate change moves in mysterious ways.

In the UK the carbon footprint of a ham sandwich is driving people to come up with alternate proteins which is about to be unleashed on unsuspecting kids aged 5 to 11.

Anyone with children knows that getting kids to eat anything that isn’t the shape of a sausage with tomato sauce isn’t the easiest task.

So feeding a meat that is insect based will take a seriously good salesman to accomplish. Not sure their marketing department came up with the greatest name, VeXo which stands for plant based protein and Insect protein.

I’m sure the insect protein is nutritionally fine and perhaps is even healthier than a rasher of bacon, not sure why a peanut butter sandwich couldn’t be used though. Oh that’s right peanuts are probably banned.

In the name of climate change you shall eat bugs.

So the presentation to the kids will be fear mongering that leaves a creepy crawly taste in your mouth

Now gather round children and listen to the nice man from VeXo

“Who likes burgers children?”
“Now hands down if you want don’t want to destroy the planet.”
“That’s better, eating burgers is killing the planet kids, do you want to kill the planet?”
“no you want to be good citizens of the world and do what Klaus Schwab says you need to do, don’t you?”.
“Now eat this delicious meal worm burger”
“and stop crying, you will own nothing and be happy”

and that’s how the climate was saved

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