Thou shall not drive an SUV

In what is now filling the void in many who need to worship something, climate change has reached the le status of a deity

Today we get to learn what Moses AKA James Shaw has inscribed on the tablets as to what thou shalt not do.

With only predictions of the second coming of Jesus and nothing but faith in the devout climate scientists, we are lead to the promised land where we have the exact right amount of CO2, did any one check with the flora? apparently the planet is greening. I would have thought James Shaw would be happy with this, the cause is known to be the increase in C02

The only solid data based in science is that CO2 is good for the planet. The naughty side of it is like the sins of our gluttony and we must be punished. What’s to bet 10% of our GDP goes to the climate overlords.

Gas Guzzling will receive 10 hail Mary’s a few how’s your fathers and a couple of grand in tax.

If no one had ever mentioned the climate no one would know, the climate has become increasingly unchanged the more the hype is spread about it.

So little has the climate changed lately that we are delivered false flags about events that are apparently due to climate change.

Climate change moves in mysterious ways



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