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Once again the socialist cry babies are rabbiting on about wealth and capital gains taxes and the fact we have $65 B in new debt.

The formula could ne be easier.  

Around 2.1 million people voted for labour at the last election.  

Each labour voter is charged $30,952.38 for their bad choice

Debt Gone!

Information or Misinformation?

“There are 34 people with Covid in hospital – two of those are in ICU. Nine of those were unvaccinated or not eligible to be jabbed, while five were fully vaccinated.” NZHERALD 14/1/2022

So 34 people are in hospital 9 UV and 5 FV.  What about the other 20?


There are 2 in ICU of which 9 UV and 5 V and they have lost 12

And they wonder why we think the press are thick (and their readership thicker?)

And today is/was the last day for the ‘cops’ to be V.  How many will there be on Saturday? They are keeping that quiet.

Zero Immunity

With variations coming thick and fast, coupled with New Zealands virtually zero immunity provided from our “world beating elimination strategy” and ineffective vaccines. It is now or never to give us a fighting chance with Omicron. It may take a brave politician to authorise the release of Omicron. So we are fucked.

Should another more virulent variation arrive before Omicron gets here we will be defenceless. That’s right, your three jabs will do nothing. Oh it may give you a less symptomatic dose but this is an entirely an un-proven speculation. After all you can’t de-vaccinate someone to test them on how being unvaccinated compares.

Oh maybe Pfizer will save us (again) with their new and improved triple jab

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