Time to agree to the name change to Aotearoa (or Nu Tirani)

“New RMA vague and vacuous”

“NZ Food prices higher than other countries”

I am not sure which headline is worse, not with respect to the subject matter as such, but I will get to that, but as to the incredulity of the author, as if either of these events are a surprise in New Zealand under the current ‘shower’ running this shambles.

Lets look at the first headline.  How can anyone, even the most devout Labour supporter (as I used to be) not expect that anything this gummint does, is unlikely to be done well?  

A quick recap of some of their worst efforts:

  • We went hard and fast – we were the 93rd or 97th country in the world to do anything.
  • We paid a premium to be in the front of the queue, except we didn’t.
  • We have one of the leading MIQ systems in the world, except we clearly didn’t.
  • We will reduce property prices, yep well no, and it goes on and on and on.

Even the foreign press – who the gummint have not been able to influence with massive amounts of funding, have identified this as possibly New Zealand’s worst government in history.

So that the proposed new RMA is ‘vague and vacuous’, is not so much of a surprise as just reasonably expected, the surprise would have been if they had done a good job.

NZ food prices higher than other countries. I will leave this and get you to carry on scrolling through our previous posts and can only say sarcastically Duuuuh.

So why the desire to agree to the Name change?

Well is very simple.   New Zealand means something.  It is a brand, a set of values, a way of life and being, that is very much worth something. It has been lauded and envied throughout the world.  

Now, we fund terrorist organisations and are surprised when we become victims of terrorism. We ‘Dob’ our neighbours in (5000-7000 times a week) like the average Nazi throwing a Jewish family into a concentration camp.

We vilify our neighbours for exercising their rights guaranteed under the law. Basically life in New Zealand (lockdown or not) has become Shit.

Why don’t I leave?  Believe me, that is very much on the cards as soon as I can, and in my professional capacity I have facilitated many wealthy New Zealanders repatriating their wealth outside of New Zealand

So Yep we need a new name, one more reflective of what this country now represents.


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