Time To Tell It Like It Is

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By Jaspreet Boparai

I wrote this on a farming column by equally relevant here..

They, the farmers deserve it and so does the country. They are acting like lambs being led to the slaughter.

if we fall for it, with no protest, we deserve no better.

There are protests happening at THE Delhi border, over a million farmers and over a 100000 tractors blockading Indian’s most critical highway, protesting against draconian farm laws. Putting up with batons, tear gas and the entire highway being torn up to prevent them entering Delhi… Couldn’t stop them.

What are we doing here… Going about our lives, having coffees and being thrilled christmas parades can go on.. As if that’s a worthwhile trade off for loss of personal rights and liberties..

Nobody wants to sound ungrateful towards our savior, our government for fear of being ridiculed or seen as peddling conspiracy theories.

I’ve personally been quiet for awhile but ever since the election, I’ve posted views on Facebook and not been shy about saying what I feel.

Have realised today that have been unfriended by a few ppl and have had a few folks be a bit cool in person. But beyond caring.

I think most ppl don’t do this, don’t want to rock the boat, don’t want to seem to be going against the general political narrative and that’s what’s going to be the undoing of us as a nation as that’s what the government is counting on.

The government has conveniently preempted any counter views as being akin to treason and most folks are scared to stick their neck out and say out loud what they feel.

Well, I am over it… I am worried about the future for my kids and I no longer care about becoming a social pariah.


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