Time To Wake Up

If you think that the government is just going to reverse all of the new laws and new powers at the end of this pandemic….

I’m really struggling not to say something offensive. Study history.

Once this is all over it’s back to climate change but with a new set of tools to tackle it. If you thought that the government was justified in locking us in our homes to save lives then ask yourself what the threat of the end of the world justifies.

Everyone needs to understand that this government believes that the world will end if we don’t take radical climate change action. This isn’t just a hobby for these people, for most of them it’s the most important aspect of their lives. They have seen how lock downs reduce emissions, they’ve put laws in place that permit them to apply these measures in the interest of public health.

If you believed the entire world was doomed if we didn’t reduce emissions dramatically what would you be prepared to do? Would you ban cars? Ban eating meat? Ban gas cooking? Ban air travel?

Would you grind New Zealand to a halt by stopping the burning of coal for electricity? Remember, everyone will die if you don’t stop emissions, that is what these people believe.

By Mark Foo

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