Tod Muller going for sympathy

So after totally screwing over National, disappearing after 58 days on the job because he realises he isn’t up for it, we now get a cute little puff piece talking about anxiety.

Piss of Muller.

As someone who started my own business, got debilitating Anxiety attacks but couldn’t go crying to my mother as I had staff who were relying on me, I find your little expose offensive to say the least.

Not only are you partially responsible for the gawd awful Government we now have to endure, but you try and make everyone feel sorry for you while you fucked off and had a holiday on full pay of at least $6000 per week.

Sorry mate no one cares. What happened is you realised how much of a bottom dweller you are and you got panic attacks.

Funny how there is no feel good stories on how Simon Bridges felt, and you know why? I’ll say it again… because no one cares.

go do some work you twat

If you feel like getting all gooey on it, here is the puff piece below

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