Traitor to Trump?

has anyone man done more damage to Trump?

Not mentioning that Hunter Biden was being investigated prior to the election while the mainstream media was calling it fake news.

Not stepping in and stopping the false impeachment undertaken by the Democrats.

Claiming there is no impropriety at the CIA.

And the claim of no evidence of enough fraud to change the election.

Appointing Durham as special council, remember him?

Nothing has happened in the swamp. The idea of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer, One must suspect Trump didn’t realize just how close to him his enemies have been.

It would seem that the draining of the swamp was well and truly blocked by Bill Barr, perhaps there is more to come from Barr and his special council Durham but right now it looks like they have lured Trump into a false sense of loyalty while they swept everything under the carpet and then quietly moved in the middle of the night.

Should he be treated as a traitor?

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