Transgender woman creates history after being crowned Miss Nevada

Finally! Those of us with a functioning brain can agree with the terminally brain dead on Transgender issues!

Who has a problem with this? Certainly not us! She is gorgeous, a well deserved win! This is an example of “no harm, no foul”. If you have a problem with this then it is YOUR problem, not hers or anyone else’s!

Why can’t ordinary people separate the obvious issue of strength & agility with regards to Transgender people? You simply cannot argue with a straight face (no pun intended) that a biological man who competed as a man & failed then transitions to a women in her 30’s & then competes at the highest level against women! It’s fucking nonsense! This however is quite obviously a subjective subject! Rant over! 😄

PS: as a single Hetrosexual man I wouldn’t be all that keen on a sexual relationship with a Trans women but hey, that’s personal preference & it bothers me not if someone else did!

Kataluna Enriquez has been crowned Miss Nevada. Photo / Instagram
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