Trudeau enacts the Emergencies ACT

Illegal and dangerous activity of the peaceful protest requires war time measures eh?

“Illegal and Dangerous Activities“

Justin Trudeau

No court has declared this illegal and to call it dangerous ignores the hundreds of hours of live footage of the protest.

Lies, Lies. Lies

This is the sickest political over-reach you can imagine. Viva Frei breaks it down below

Here is probably the sickest measure Trudeau has put in place.

The banks have the ability or can invoke at the direction of the Government to freeze the bank account of anyone suspected of providing funds in any way to the truckers protest and indemnified the banks from any legal action for freezing the accounts.

What a Tyrant and how long before his BFF Ardern follows suit?

Oh this may turn the peaceful protest into something else. How will the public of Canada react to this blatant government over-reach?

The legality of enacting this act is certainly questionable at best. The fact that the Ambassadors Bridge was cleared without issue after a court order was achieved, shows the protest can be managed without bringing in measures to deal with a nationwide emergency that is posing the threat of harm to the Canadian people.

Ottawa Police Chief Resigns

On a strangely unrelated part of this puzzle the Ottawa Poice Chief has resigned after a meeting of the Ottawa Police Board .

Peter Sloly has been criticized over his handling of a truck convoy protest that has caused major disruptions to Ottawa’s downtown core.

I doubt this is anything close to being done as a sign of support to the truckers.

Peter Sloly is due to make a statement later today.

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