Trump Administration Accomplishments (updated)

Proving that an incoming tide raises all boats, Trump showed that trickle down economics has helped improve workers from every walk of life.

Income has increased more under Trump than the combined 20 previous years under previous administrations.

Prior to the virus that seems to now no longer be an issue that needs lock downs (now Trump has been evicted), The economy was booming and is set for a more rapid recovery.

Home ownership increased for Blacks, as did employment stats.

Bringing manufacturing back increased employment, decreased crime and meant that the highest ever recorded improvement of life under an administration as per Gallup survey.

The list has too many accomplishments to comment on a blog page but the full list can be viewed below

Biden’s administration have already deleted the page. Pathetic really but luckily we have got the data before it was deleted. you downladable PDF under the broken link below.

However why not listen to a Black Conservative Patriot lay out some of Trumps more important successes

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