Trump most admired Man

This will make the TDS sufferers blood boil.

Gallop has polled who people most respected man and women are and Trump has topped the list at 18 % knocking Obama of his perch.

President Trump has supplanted Barack Obama as Gallup’s most admired man in America, ending the former president’s 12-year run atop the annual ranking.

In 2019, Trump and Obama tied for first place, but this year’s arrival of Joe Biden in the national spotlight split the Democratic vote, giving Trump the edge he needed to take the top spot. The president received 18% of the vote, while Obama received 15% and Biden received 6%.

Other top finishers included Dr. Anthony Fauci with 3% and Pope Francis with 2%.

In the 1% club are NBA superstar LeBron James, socialist icon Sen. Bernie Sanders, tech guru Elon Musk, and Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.

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