Trump to be Indicted?

So we get to enjoy the Muller report again?

Years of investigation that netted nothing but some bullshit trumped up charges to some of those close to the former President. No charges of collusion were ever made as it all turned out to be a total fabrication.

And now they are going to indict Trump for obstructing of justice? Don’t bet on it, you will lose your money.

Trump isn’t going to finally go down for the fake Russia witch hunt. if they were going to find something on Trump, a $40,000,000 3 year investigation would have found something more than catching out some of his friends for “lying” to the FBI.

But “tax fraud” I hear you say. The tax returns that have now been with the investigators for several months have lead them to seek the records of his grandchildren’s school fees.

Wow looks like they have unveiled the greatest tax fraud of all time. His Grandchildren’s private school fees are the best they have got as something to go after?

Clutching at straws much?

Of course the irony of these attempts to stop Trump being able to run again are going to net nothing but a more popular than ever desire to get Trump back in the White House

Even some of those that don’t support Trump would rather have him back than the muppet that is currently wobbling his way around the corridors of the Whitehouse.

Orange man bad, but you can’t be indicted for being orange… for now anyway.

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