Trump to be Speaker of the house and then…

There is a very unusual way that Trump could not only be back as the POTUS sooner than 2024, but also get a 9 to 10 year term in the end.

The short story is, Trump could become the speaker of the house, bring articles of impeachment against Biden and Harris, have them removed and he would automatically become POTUS.

Oh you can hear the Orange man bad media have kittens over this one. But how likely is it?

This was a theory discussed a while back and one that seemed too far fetched to entertain. However, in a moment of truth is stranger than fiction, it could become a reality brought about from a Democrat who joined the GOP.

This would be a monumental come back if it was pulled off and would be the biggest example of Trumps enjoyment of revenge that the world has ever seen.

It still seems far fetched and relies on Trump getting elected to the house, which would be easy enough. He simply needs to run in a Republican friendly state that will happily elect Trump. No shortage of those options.

He would then need to win the vote to be Speaker of the House. Not as easy as winning a seat but if his influence gets enough pro Trump Republicans in power at the mid-terms, and the Repulicans white wash both the house and the Senate, then this would be a formality. Not as likely but certainly achievable given what the polls are suggesting could happen.

The toughest part would be having enough support to remove Harris and Biden. The articles of impeachment are easy given the state of the Biden and Harris rule over the USA in the past year. But to get them removed would require 2/3rds of the Senate to vote to convict the pair. This requires 67 Senators to agree to the convicting both Harris and Biden. any less and Biden stays or Harris takes over.

So quite the long shot, but one that looks increasingly possible when you look at the impending thrashing the Democrats are facing in the mid-terms.

This is going to be a crazy year.

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