The unlikely winner in 2016 has seen himself, as the underdog (in the polls) have his chances of a 2020 victory slowly chiseled away in critical swing states.

Trumps only chance from here is a victory in the courts, if he can prove that ballots were counted that were illegitimate for any reason.

It would seem there are good reasons to challenge and the main one being to show the voters that it was them that legitimately crowned Biden as the president.

Trump has had to fight the press, unfavourable Republicans and most of all the “Deep State.” It would appear that after 4 years of trying, the combined efforts of the above have pried him out.

The news of Biden being more than 10 points ahead in the polls leading up to the election, have shown just how much the opposition to Trump were using every trick to make sure Trump was a 1 term president.

Whilst he had a fight on his hands the entire time, Trump must also take a little of the blame himself. But before we go into that, the following realities are what I consider proof that the media have a lot to answer for.

A bar in Auckland held a MAGA party recently and social justice warriors took to social media to try and shame the bar and the attendees, even calling them white supremacists.

The only reason our little woke group could make claims like this is due to the media spreading mis-information about Trumps racist behaviour.

The debunking of the Charlottesville claims that Trump called white supremacists ‘good people” is lost on most.

The news is already out there and the damage is done.

The same goes for the apparent mocking of a handicapped reporter.

The media gang up on Trump with claims that he told 22,000 lies, that he doesn’t listen to advisors and is a danger to world peace. Oh but he is…

Trump, as I said, can take some responsibility for this. He is an unusual man and he does say some very strange things. However, it is what he campaigned on and the fact that he stood up against this woke cancel culture is why I wanted to see another 4 years of Trump.

He was one of the last people who wasn’t taking us on a crash course to climate change economic disaster. He was one of the last strong voices against the desire to create a more socialist globalist world and he was the only politician who had a chance of tackling the obvious corruption in the American political class.

It seems now that he has been removed from power and unless he can use the power of the Senate and the SCOTUS, he will be in the history books as one of few 1 term Presidents.

It is not just the fact that I lost bets on this loss that makes me a little saddened today.

It is the fact that the system showed their true might and fought an ugly fight to remove this imposter, this non politician who didn’t conform to the way of the political predecessors.

It seems being rich and losing money to preside over your people is not preferred to those that make millions on a humble civil servants pay.

Biden has been in politics for at least 47 years. He is a multi millionaire. How did he do that on a salary that started at $42,500 per year and grew to $174,000?

His net worth (what he does disclose) is $9,000,000. However we know that between Hunter and other family members, that this wealth is much higher.

Alas the Democrats and the cronies seem now to have their hands back on the control of the presidency and the house. It will be interesting to see what they do with this power post Trump era.

I fear it is a sad time for sensibility.

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