Turns out coral likes warm water and CO2.

Dr Peter Ridd famously got sacked from his role of studying the a Great Barrier Reef for daring to claim the reef isn’t dying.

In a “how dare you” moment the James Cook University in Queensland dumped the senior professor and swiftly ended up in a long legal battle with the disobedient Dr.

Ridd originally won the unfair dismissal case and was awarded $1.2 million, but his ex employer perused this and had the ruling overturned on appeal.

Ridd then took the case to the High Court and lost.

It is a shame that a Dr can be legitimately sacked for misconduct for questioning the science of other scientists.

That used to be how science worked but I guess we are just too clever for that kind of science now days…

Just a sign of the times that if you don’t follow the narrative you are thrown on the heap.

So was Ridd right about the state of the reef.?

Let’s look at the data from the ever present Tony Hellyer

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