Turns out global warming isn’t causing the cooler winters. Funny that.

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Journal Nature Refutes PIK’s Fantasy-Rich Science That A Warmer Arctic Causes Extreme Cold Snaps

The reality is we are heading into a cooler period. Since the launch of global temperature tracking satellites in the late 1970’s, it is true that the variation in temperature has seen a warmer temperature in the past decade. However, the past few months we’ve seen global temperatures drop to the point where we are 0.2 degrees above the 43 year average.

However, in the increasingly bizarre theories that our pseudo climate scientists come up with. A few years back the cooler winters in mid latitudes has been explained by some alarmist scientists as being caused by a warming arctic.

20 years ago the prediction was that cold winters would be a thing of the past due to global warming. However facing severe cold winters in the populous Eurasia regions, alarmist have claimed that the warming Arctic is to blame.

Facing a rather embarrassing fail on predicting ever increasing warming, the alarmist were frantically trying to justify the freezing temperatures in the continent and came up with the polar vortex theory.

This was the theory that the warming Arctic was messing with the jet stream and delivering freezing winters further south. It’s the old warming globe causes colder weather yarn.

In what has to be the biggest piece of irony, over the same period that the claims of increasing cooling due to increased warming has seen decreased cooling along the same latitudes in the Americas.

The logic of natural variation seems to be about the only thing the scientists don’t attribute our varying climate to. But I guess there is no money in stating the bleeding obvious.

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