Typical of the left, don’t question a thing we do! And if you do, we’ll attack YOU, not the issue at hand!

Other political parties have said that the name our country is called is not important. Our MP in Kaikoura, Stuart Smith, recently questioned in his local newspaper, whether there should be a referendum on the government’s defacto’ changing of the name from New Zealand to Aotearoa New Zealand. Stuart was a bit surprised to see all other Parties in Parliament opposed and mainstream media becoming somewhat hysterical at the mere thought of a National MP questioning it. TV 3’s AM show conducted a poll on this.

Here is the latest result. It’s quite instructive. What do you think?

May be an image of map, sky and text that says "Wsholdnfcly What should New Zealand officially be called? NEW ZEALAND AOTEAROA 79% AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND 6% 15% Votes 12,959 Powered by opinion stage Newshub. Sign up to receive_newsunde f"

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