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And here we go with the “cases” again.

Now we know what a “case” is defined as, we also know that the 93% false positives included in the number (boris said it – not me), will not have been taken out, so the accurate number could be around 7% of 58,784.

Do some maths and that works out at a more accurate rate of 4114 positives. From the whole 64 million of us.

Bare in mind that these are results from PCR tests, which numerous countries are no longer using due to how inaccurate they are (Portugal for 1 of them). In fact the man who made the test said it was never intended to be used for this purpose (before he was killed off that is, a couple of months before this whole saga started. Hmmm…….🤔)

So, it is also worth mentioning that there is no test as of yet which actually tests for c0vid (never been isolated either, but that’s a different story). The current test, tests for antibodies in your body which could have been left there from having a head cold, flu etc, etc weeks earlier.

And this my friends, is the kind of inaccurate data we are being locked down for.

Doris is going to come on tele tonight and scare the shit out of 90% of the population (and he might even brush his hair with the toilet brush for the occasion, if we are lucky). He is going to tell you about all these big, scary “cases” and how he really hates to do it, and “it was a last resort blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, but I am afraid we are going to have to have a full lockdown in order to stop this new strain getting out of control and take back our country”

The question is, now that I have given you this info, will you see through the lies and think twice about what he is telling you? And maybe even research the evidence? Or are you going to roll over and get your belly rubbed, and be locked away in isolation like good little people? All for the greater good of course.

Question everything!

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