Ukraine vs Russia – The Skinny

By Ben Cameron

In 2014 America unhappy with the Pro Russia democratically elected government used mercenaries to remove said government installing a “movie star Ukrainian” (Obama, Biden, Pelosi & Clinton) whom also has strong Neo Nazi ideologies.

Upon the previous government leaving they then installed “C-14” youth Gans to bring up the Nazi ideologies. I suggest you look up the meaning of the 14 in C-14 it’s basically saying they will always promote white births over another.

Then in 2015 in the Donbass region the “government” begin killing the Pro Russia Ukrainian civilians it’s been ongoing ever since. No Russia has not stepped in till 2017 when they said that both the Crimea region and Donbass region both wanted to return to Russia over site in politics. Ukraine then decided to cut all water supply off to Crimea, destroying 90% of it agriculture.

Ukraine also has huge resources to which Obama etc gained millions in total four of their children are on the board of directors of the gas corporations in Ukraine. Once elected Biden made sure to request the IMF fund directly into the government meaning billions went offshore over the next few months, basically money laundering on a global scale.

Ukraine has horrific levels of child trafficking and it’s only begun since the installed government, not to say Biden is a child molester but the sniff he does is horrific in body language. Azov Battalion is openly Neo Nazi having many articles written in regards to their ideologies, now remove from search engines etc due to the “Ukraine is good” required for war, public coercion.

There are 11 American funded biological weapon laboratories labelled as “safety” labs in Ukraine alone. Looking at the fact that even covid has now been shown to have a 2016 patented Moderna Furin cell design meaning covid was laboratory made I don’t doubt Russia views all 11 of these as a serious threat to Russia itself. Sure Putin is bad but America is worse claiming to be a saint yet invading more countries than any other nations in the last 50 years.

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