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‘Expropriation’ as used in this article is a handy means of achieving ‘own nothing be happy’ by 2030. Though, the examples provided by Google seem to imply peasantry overthrowing aristocracy/Church etc. – not the reverse. 😉Here’s the Dutch government’s answer to expedite the United Nations Sustainable development goals.





May be an image of animal, outdoors and text that says "Cabinet considering €17 billion plan to bu... nltimes.nl NL#TIMES A farmer with cows on country roadi nthe Netherlands. February 2017- Source: nilaya_at_DepositPhotos License: Deposit Photos f POLITICS BUSINESS TECH NATURE DUTCH FARMERS NITROGEN MORE TAGS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2021 -09:36 Cabinet considering €17 billion plan to buy out, seize farms to reduce nitrogen emissions: Report"
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