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Correct me if I’m wrong, does “rein in” mean control the narrative? This shouldn’t be surprising. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) wants complete and total socialism/communism. One of the steps to get there is state run media.

If it doesn’t bother you that we have a member of Congress actually suggesting that we have a commission to “rein in” media content, then you just aren’t paying attention. Please pick up a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 and give it a good read.

Truth to AOC and the rest of the left is what is convenient and self serving. That is my biggest concern with everything that is happening. Their truth protects them. This is a dangerous and slippery road. And we have all witnessed this happening throughout the years where the left is always being reported as a good narrative of protection, while the right is always reported with a bad narrative.

Do not like her politics BUT she is one of the most transparent politicians around. Never hides her plans or thoughts for destroying the country. To be clear, what she’s saying is…. Socialism will control what’s being put out. Wait!

Hitler did the same thing.

The idea of reigning in the media is not a bad idea if that’s what would actually happen. Checking them for their own literacy is also not a bad idea. However, if restricting the TRUTH regarding both sides of any issue to reflect only one side is the real plan then that’s not okay. That would be another step in the Socialist Democrats plan to restrict FREE SPEECH and the TRUTH.

So what she really means is rein in conservative media.. because the MSM is in bed with the Dems.. they can’t get any more on board.

On that note…

So when 3/4 of the country doesn’t trust the government or the media (people from both parties), the Democrats now think it’s a good choice for the government to control the right side of media…. I wish the Democrats all the best of luck … I figured communism would take a little time to start working here, but it’s looking like it’s already begun ….

We have to immediately start watching closely what bias our kids learn in schools! It’s been a disgrace to Republican values what has been going on in public schools and colleges! Teachers unions against parents as well. We as concervatives ignored it for many years which is huge mistake! AOC is one but huge and bold example!!! Most everything that comes out of her mouth is un-American.

By the way…

When are they going to ban AOC’s accounts for pushing for violence and “liberation” …?

I’ll wait…

By: Vickie Smith Wiles

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