Unprecedented Blunder

This is the most sobering presentation I have seen to date. It is by one of the most respected virologists and vaccine developers Geert Vanden Bossche.

This is a must watch explanation of what is going on with the mass vaccination in relation to variations of the virus. Ultimately he takes us through the epidemiological evolution of how the vaccinated are the breeding ground for vaccine resistant variants.

The news is not good for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Whilst Ardern’s grows in confidence in leading the vaccinated on a hate fuelled campaign to vilify vaccine hesitant persons. It transpired that it is the unvaccinated that need protecting from the vaccinated and ultimately the vaccinated will have created the need for better treatments for all.

When leading virologists, and Geert here is not the only one who is explaining this phenomenon, you start to work out the promoters of mass vaccinations aren’t the best scientists but simply the ones guiding politicians.

This is a four month old video and is proving to be prophetic when you look at what is happening in areas that have high vaccination rates. Israel, Singapore, the UK.

He starts the presentation that his warnings are falling on deaf ears and that he wasn’t going to waste time with more warnings, But with the reality that now our children are going to be mass vaccinated, he has come out with a detailed explanation of what is happening with the vaccinated and how they will create the resistant variants.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to where this virus is going to take us.

Here is what was to be his final warning six months ago

Below is a link to his website if you want further reading


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